3 Card Monte

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The 3 Card Monte is a very old magic trick and is also used by con artists to con people out of their money. The trick works in a simple way, 3 cards are taken out by the magician – 2 black and 1 red or vice versa and you have to keep your eye on the indifferent card (red in case of 2 black cards). The magician shows the 3 cards and sets them down on the table and all you have to do is point out where the indifferent card is.

The magician does this a couple of times and no matter how much you concentrate, you are not able to figure out where the card is. To make things simple, the magician eliminates one of the 3 cards making it simple for the spectator to follow and find the red card. The remaining 2 cards are again shown before they are placed down on the table. The magic effect is just phenomenal when the spectator points to the card and loses. The magician obviously never loses as The House Always Wins! You must watch the trick here:



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