LG PH1 Cover Image


When you are looking to buy a speaker, LG is not the company that you would normally think of or even look at but looking at a few of the speakers they are offering in the market, you should definitely consider their speakers. LG has in recent times come out with portable as well as […]

MI Bluetooth Speakers Review

Mi is the 5th largest smartphone maker around the world and since its global expansion, it has been giving sleepless nights to well established phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. Along with manufacturing phones, Mi has expanded its product base and introduced a lot of products in the market and one of the product is […]

Frsh.com Review

Gurgaon which is popularly known as ‘Millennium city’ has various new and trendy options for foodies especially when you order online. Due to the various job opportunities in Gurgaon people in the food industry are coming up with innovative ways to attract the people. Once such place I happened to explore a couple of time for some […]

Moto X Force: The Real Unbreakable Phone

Over the years you must have heard things about phones that are scratch proof and the glass on top being gorilla glass or sapphire glass that is truly unbreakable and can resist a certain amount of pressure only to realize that a drop from your pocket height can actually put those claims to the dust […]

3D Touch – A gimmick or is it really useful?

Over the years, we have seen new features that have popped up with new phones which got us excited only to later find out that the new features are nothing but a gimmick. A few examples are the 3D recording capable dual cameras on the back of phones, glass less 3D displays, camera and sensor […]

Pipeline Cafe, Satyaniketan – Review

Surround by Delhi university’s lush green south campus and colleges like Sri Venkateshwara and Motilal Nehru College this small cafe is an ideal place for getting your money’s worth. If I may go ahead and say one of the few places where while paying the bill I’ve realized that they are really under valuing their food. […]

VR Headsets –  A bit of Fun, Headaches and a lot of Issues

The VR revolution started a few years ago with the news about a new VR product called Oculus Rift which nearly captured the imagination and attention of consumers and developers alike. It was supposed to be a perfect product before Google came into the picture, made the same technology available to the masses at a […]