Auto Reversal Magic Trick

This trick is called the Auto Reversal Trick. At least thats what I call it since the real name of the magic trick is unknown.

Auto Reversal Magic Trick has been performed multiple times by famous magicians like David Blaine and Chris Angel on multiple TV Shows. The effect works in a simple way. The cards are shuffled and the spectator pulls out a card at random. Once the card has been looked at, the spectator is free to sign it as well. The card is then placed back by the spectator in a random spot and the deck is then shuffled to completely lose the chosen card. Once this has been done, the magician then reverser the order of the deck by taking cards from the bottom and putting them on the top and giving the cards multiple cuts.

After this, the magician gives the cards a magical gesture to find the chosen card after completely messing up the deck by shuffling the cards in many different ways and amazingly, the chosen card is the only face down card in the entire deck of face up cards.

You can check out the performance of this trick below all my videos here: Youtube

Watch the performance below:


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