David Blaine’s Zip Lock Magic

CrashedInsanity - Ziplock

This trick is one of my personal favorites and does act as a routine ending trick as it convinces people of real magic. Before the trick even begins, the magician shows a card sealed inside a zip lock which is left in plain view of the spectators the entire time. This card is a wild card, normally a joker or a blank card.

The deck is then shuffled and the spectator can freely choose any card that they want which is then shuffled back in the deck and lost once they have remembered the card. After that, the magician hands over the sealed zip lock to the spectator and asks the to hold it tightly in between their hands so that no funny moves can be pulled off by the magician.

With just a tap with a spread deck, the chosen card transports inside the sealed zip lock and the wild card disappears. Watch the trick below and comment if you would like to learn this trick.

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