Gurgaon which is popularly known as ‘Millennium city’ has various new and trendy options for foodies especially when you order online. Due to the various job opportunities in Gurgaon people in the food industry are coming up with innovative ways to attract the people.

Once such place I happened to explore a couple of time for some ‘’ food for lunch at my office in Udyog Vihar phase 4 in Gurgaon. (Sushant Lok) is a great delivery outlet serving some healthy and frsh food like salads, pasta, yogurt, juice, hummus and pita etc.

The food has been always very good and their delivery was quick too.



Herb Chicken Farmhouse-

Excellent salads –with garlic herb chicken tossed with fresh and crunchy veggie like lettuce, bell peppers, and corns and to add some twist to mix is black olives and bell peppers. I love this so much that I’ve already ordered it on two separate occasions. (It’s as amazing as the pictures).

Achari Paneer Sandwich –

Herb infused bread with paneer skewers crunchy fresh veggie and humus. The bread was multigrain, yet it was spongy and delicious and the spicy paneer has a perfectly balanced taste.

Strawberry Chia Lemon –

Strawberry fruit crush with healthy chia seeds, crushed ice and flavoured mint was a little off for my palette but if you like a sour punch in your drink then this is the drink for you.



Pista Badam Gulabi Thandai-

Chilled low fat milk with pistachio, almonds, rose and saffron flavouring could have done the trick but unfortunately this had ice cubes in it already and by the time it reached me and I had my first sip the ice had diluted the taste. But I’m sure if the ice wasn’t there this would have been as rich and refreshing as it sounds.

The packaging is very nice the salad are well sealed in box keeping the freshness alive and the juices being packed in small plastic reusable bottles now which is very good.

Prices are quite economical and FRSH has a nice experience overall. Definitely going to order again.


Cuisine- Healthy fresh food

Food- 4/5

Portions- 4/5


Cost for 2- Rs. 600 – 700 approx.

Recommendation- Must Try

Minimum Order: 200

Timings 10:00amTo 11:00pm

Delivery Within 45 Minutes*

Order via zomato, their website or download their app




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