When you are looking to buy a speaker, LG is not the company that you would normally think of or even look at but looking at a few of the speakers they are offering in the market, you should definitely consider their speakers. LG has in recent times come out with portable as well as high end speakers that can put other big manufacturers to shame with their quality and pricing but today we are looking at their portable bluetooth speakers – The LG PH1. You can check out the full range of awesome speakers offered by LG in India here. With the market over saturated with portable speakers with some offering a great punch for the money you spend, lets take a look at the LG PH1, what it offers and is it even worth looking at if you are planning to buy a new portable speaker.

Build & Design – 9/10

LG PH1 | Buttons
LG PH1 | Front Controls

With a round shape and Harmon Kardon esque design, the LG PH1 does not disappoint. The speaker is small and easy to carry around in your bag as it does not take up too much space and has a unique look with its use of transparent plastic, mesh speaker grill on the top, and a base having all the required functions. The overall construction of the speaker looks sturdy and I was very happy with the size and shape of the speaker however, what I am not certain about is the transparent plastic in the middle. The plastic is the defining feature since the LG PH1 has a lighting function and if the transparent plastic would get scratches, it might ruin the entire light show that the speaker is awesome at.

The base of the speaker contains physical buttons for controlling the music, answering calls, connecting the speaker to a phone, and controlling the lighting which by far is the most attractive feature about this speaker. Along with the physical buttons, there is a mic for taking calls while being connected to the speaker, a battery indicator light, bluetooth connection status, and has a micro USB port for charging.

The top of the speaker contains a mesh grill which contains the main speaker which throws out a 360 degree multi directional audio. The LG PH1 contains a single driver on top and we will talk about the audio quality below under the performance section.

Now I have already mentioned this a few times, but the best feature about the LG PH1 is the lighting system. Wow, it just looks amazing with its clear plastic body and the emissions on the surrounding surface. The LG PH1 has a 4 LED circular tube which can be set to pulsate in white, or change colors as well. If you are running out of battery or want to just doze off while listening to music, you can even switch off the lights and just listen to music and be boring :). I was so fond of this lighting system that people were looking at the lights for long duration and not actually caring about what was being played because the lighting effects were beautiful.

LG PH1 | Lighting Effect
LG PH1 Lighting Effect

Performance – 6/10

When I talk about the performance, I tested the speaker while connected over bluetooth and via the auxiliary cable option however most of my testing was done over bluetooth since you would only buy this speaker for the convenience to listen to music over bluetooth. The LG PH1 did not disappoint at all when listening to music in a small room with about 2-3 people having a conversation.

It is fairly loud and for its size it does pack a punch. However, the bass was inconsistent with different songs but to a normal music listener this will not be a problem at all.

LG PH1 is a great speaker for personal use and small groups. The small size makes it even better as you can easily carry it around. Although it is not pocket-able due to its round shape, but you can pretty much fit it anywhere in your backpack while travelling. I tried the speaker outdoor as well while having a party and then realized that it might not be the best portable speaker for a party specially when people are talking – the sound easily fades away with the amount of chatter among people. So it is easy to say that the LG PH1 is a good personal indoor speaker and even with people there, the music in the background is good.

The battery life of the LG PH1 is advertised to be around 5 hours however after a continuous playback over bluetooth the battery lasted me about 3.5 hours which is above the average and is great considering the size of the device.

LG PH1 | Front View
LG PH1 | Front View

Call Quality – 8/10

I tried taking calls while connected to the speaker and found that the LG PH1 has a decent performance while taking calls. It was not the best experience but to be honest, everyone is so private about their lives that taking calls over a bluetooth speaker will probably never happen to you.

Final Verdict

The LG PH1 looks great and has awesome features along with the amazing light show that kept me entertained. This feature is rare among speakers. The speaker itself is easy to carry around and is perfect for being played in a room with a few people in it. I looked at the price on the box and was surprised to see that it is being sold for Rs. 4,490 and thought it is too expensive for the package however, after doing some online research I found places where you could buy it for much cheaper. This is available on online stores at a price upwards of Rs. 1,850 and this makes much more sense considering the competition such as the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker (Check out my review here) which provides great value for money for the performance.

Considering the price that it is available online, it is a great buy thanks to the audio quality, size, and the amazing lighting effect. More than a speaker, it is a piece of art and a definite buy.

The speaker can be purchased for about Rs. 1800 from the links provided below:

Amazon – LG PH1

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