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Mi is the 5th largest smartphone maker around the world and since its global expansion, it has been giving sleepless nights to well established phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. Along with manufacturing phones, Mi has expanded its product base and introduced a lot of products in the market and one of the product is this new Mi Bluetooth speaker. The pricing of the product during launch was Rs. 2000 but after the launch it got increased to Rs. 2499 at which I purchased it but now, you can get it at a discounted price of Rs. 1999 during the diwali offer. But should you really buy it and is it worth even buying it? Check out the Mi Bluetooth Speakers Review below and find out if it is worth your money:

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Mi Bluetooth Speakers Front

Build and Design: 9/10

Looks wise, the Mi Bluetooth speaker is just amazing. It has a minimalistic design made by a single aluminum frame looks great to look at and touch. The speaker itself looks really sturdy and you can feel the premium design while holding it. I purchased the blue and the color looks really good and much better than what the pictures look like. In India, there are currently only 2 options available and both look really good.

There are a total of 4 buttons on the speaker on the right side which do multiple things – power on along with play which has a LED light, volume keys can also be used to change to the next song (long press), and battery level button speaks the amount of battery remaining and also doubles up as a Bluetooth pairing button.

On the left side of the speaker, there is a Aux in port and a micro USB charging port. The device does not come with a charger so you can use any phone charger to charge your Bluetooth speaker. Also on the left side is a mic for voice calls you might take. The indian version does not have a SD card slot on the left side which is present in the chinese version. The omission of the same did raise some concerns initially but I personally think that its not such a big problem because you would be using Bluetooth mostly to listen to music, if not, then why buy a Bluetooth speaker? And there is Aux too!

The speaker weighs roughly around 270 grams and is really compact and is perfect to be carried wherever you go. The size is easily pocketable and compact enough to fit anywhere in your luggage so that you can carry it around wherever you go!

CrashedInsanity | Mi Bluetooth Speakers Review
Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Performance: 8/10

On the performance front, the speakers Mi Bluetooth speakers don’t disappoint. Ofcourse, you cant compare them with Bose speakers but on the brighter side you are just paying 1/10th the price of a Bose speaker. The sound quality and output are both great and so is the bass! You will not be disappointed on the sound of the device at all. The sound is crisp and worth the money you pay for and even devices that are more expensive are put to shame by this device.

The setup includes two 36mm drivers with an integrated Bass radiator. The speakers are enough to set the party mood for a big room but if the chatter is way too much, then you might find it a little disappointing.

CrashedInsanity | Mi Bluetooth Speakers Review | Charging & Aux
Mi Bluetooth Speakers Review | Charging & Aux

Call Quality: 8/10

The call quality is great, and the feature that you can directly answer calls from the speaker itself is an added benefit. The music automatically stops and you can enjoy a call with the high quality speaker. Sound on both ends – on your side and the person calling you is clear and loud. Even though the placement for the mic might raise some questions, you don’t really have to face the mic itself for making the call.

Battery: 5/10

I was really happy to see the specifications and reviews stating that the battery life of the Mi Bluetooth speakers is about 6-8 hours of playback. Sounds awesome right? But things aren’t really accurate of what they state. I had fully charged the speaker and taken it out of town to really test it out. The first night of usage raised questions since the battery died out really fast and I didn’t really note the time. The next day, I fully charged the battery and played only music on it and the battery died out in about 3 hours so keep that in mind while buying the speakers. It will not give you 6-8 hours of music playback and maximum you will be able to get 3-4 hours. But that being said, you cant really complaint at this price point.

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Mi Bluetooth Speakers | Controls

Final Verdict

Looking at the above pros and cons, you can see that the speakers are one of the best available in this price point – actually better that most Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 10,000. The only problem that I found was the battery life. But it doesn’t really matter much due to the price of the device. As stated above, the device is for Rs. 2499 and currently it is available at Rs. 1999. I would put it as definitely buy in my list for sure!

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Get yours from: http://www.mi.com/in/speaker/?gclid=CJ-02szL3s8CFUIjaAodNGkJwQ



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