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Surround by Delhi university’s lush green south campus and colleges like Sri Venkateshwara and Motilal Nehru College this small cafe is an ideal place for getting your money’s worth. If I may go ahead and say one of the few places where while paying the bill I’ve realized that they are really under valuing their food.

On a summer afternoon I stumbled upon this cafe on the first floor of a building, this is after going to every so-called famous joints and finding no table. My level of starvation by now had reached another level.

CrashedInsanity - Pipeline Cafe 1As climbed up to the 2nd floor of a building with a narrow and small stairway thoughts of being disappointed (as I had already been to 3-4 restaurants unable to find a place without long waiting) were hounding me. But as I entered I was pleasantly surprised the Pipeline Cafe maybe small one but it looked really refreshing.



CrashedInsanity - Pipeline Cafe - 8As the name suggests the cafe has got yellow pipes as the key decor elements running across the entire space providing lighting and shelving unit space. They have some cool artifacts that go perfectly well with the ambiance.  The huge round clock on one wall just looks really amazing. If you are looking for a place for a cosy get together the place has got enough seating for 30-35 people at once.





White Sauce Pasta- 

This was baked to perfection and rich in taste. Something I would recommend to anyone who is planning the visit the place. Must Try.

Chilly Chicken Dry-

I really liked the crunchiness of the chicken and the portion was really good. Two of us struggled to finish it. The right amount of chilly and crunch one of the best I’ve had in a while.

Veg Mexican Pizza – 

Topped with Tomatoes, Corn, bell Pepper, Jalapeno it’s a thin crust, with right cheesiness and enough toppings it was totally lip-smacking.

Virgin Mojito – Lemon and Watermelon –

They all tasted good and were very refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. I liked it and you guys can too give it a try.

This was all that I had at the Pipeline Café and believe that it is overall a nice experience.

In my opinion Pipeline Cafe is definitely one of the must visits in Satyaniketan, good food, refreshing and yummy drinks and most importantly for college students and others all at a very affordable prices.

Cuisine- Café, North Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Continental

Food- 3.5/5

Portions- 4/5

Ambiance- 3.5/5


Cost for 2- Rs. 600 approx.

Recommendation- Must Visit

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