Same History, Different Interpretations – India Vs. Pakistan

Ever since Independence, India and Pakistan have fought 3 wars and numerous other proxy wars are being fought on a daily basis due to export of terrorism from one country to another. As if the continuous news and blaming each other for real or made up incidents on one another isn’t enough to brainwash people, the brainwashing starts early using textbooks.
The things that have been put into text books are very different from the reality and what really happened in real life and the main reason for doing this is to make people anti the other country. And I am not being biased when I say that India’s textbooks teach what is closer to reality even if it is not completely true in some cases, Pakistan’s textbook teach just crap which is focused on making the sentiments of children anti-India. To be honest, after reading this, you should be able to figure out why people across the border hate India. No wonder! If you feed children horse shit from a young age they will think shit!

Civil Disobedience Movement

CrashedInsanity - Civil Disobidience Movement

In India, the movement is recorded as the unity of people in India to boycott laws, demands, and the commands of the British government and this is what happened in real life.
Pakistan has no mention of this on their textbooks because there was not enough space in there to put something so important in which United India worked together and stood up against the Britishers.

Partition from the British Empire – 1947

CrashedInsanity - Freedom from British

The Class 12th history textbooks of India read – Initially even the Muslim leaders did not seriously want to form Pakistan as a sovereign state. Jinnah himself was just using Pakistan as a bargaining chip for blocking British favours to the congress and to get additional favors for the Muslims.

This does not sound too bad right, here is what our brothers from our neighboring countries are taught in Class 4. Yes you read correctly the class 4 textbooks read – After winning freedom, Muslims wanted to establish a government in which they could live in accordance with Islam where every law would be in accordance with the Quran but they knew that Hindus were a majority in India. After Britishers leave, Hindus would establish the law of Hindu’s rather than establish the law of God. In this law Muslims would be treated as untouchables and Muslims felt that after getting away from slavery from the British, they would become slaves of Hindus. Muslims wished to have a true freedom in which only Muslims would rule and there would be the Law of Allah.

Now I am not sure what the Hindu law is because it has not been implemented nor does it exist. I think holy books teach good things but if textbooks start teaching such hateful things, it is just counter productive isn’t it?

1947 Riots

CrashedInsanity - 1947

Indian Class 12th History Book – Was this simply a partition, a more or less orderly constitutional arrangement, an agreed division of territories and assets? Or is it a civil war that lasted 16 months, recognizing that there were well organized forces on both sides and attempts were made to wipe out entire populations calling them enemies?

Here is what Pakistan teaches in Civics in Middle School – While the Muslims provided all kinds of help to those wishing to leave Pakistan, the people of India committed cruelties against the Muslim refugees. They would attack the busses, trains and trucks carrying Muslim refugees who were murdered and looted.

Indo-Pak War of 1965

CrashedInsanity - 1965 War

Remember the Indo-Pak war of 1965? Most of you wouldn’t since most of you were not born at that time but there are recorded evidences which prove that India kicked Pakistan’s ass in this war and every other one fought. However, the textbook completely says something else.
This is the Indian version taught in Class 12 – In a fierce battle, the Indian Army reached close to Lahore. The hostilities came to an end with a UN intervention. Though India could inflict considerable loss on Pakistan, the 1965 war added to India’s already difficult economic situation.

Sounds about right and neutral when it comes to history. Now this is what Pakistan teaches in Class 5 – The Pakistan Army conquered several regions of India, and when India was on the point of being defeated she requested the United Nations to arrange a cease fire.

Now if any of this bullshit being taught in Pakistan was true, Pakistan would still be sitting in the areas of India and ruining them like they are doing to the POK!!

Indo-Pak War of 1971

CrashedInsanity - 1971 War

Here is what Indian books of Class 12 have recorded – The Bengal population of East Pakistan had voted to protest against being treated as second class citizens by West Pakistan. The Pakistan rulers were not willing to accept this democratic verdict. Instead in 1971, the Pakistan army arrested Sheik Mujib and unleashed a reign of terror on the people of East Pakistan. In response to this, the people started a struggle to liberate Bangladesh from Pakistan. Throughout 1971, India had to bear the burden of about 80 lakh refugees who fled form East Pakistan and took shelter in neighboring parks of India and India also extended moral and material support to the freedom struggle in Bangladesh.

Here is what is being taught in Class 5 in Pakistan – After the 1965 war, India with the help of Hindus living in East Pakistan instigated the people living there against West Pakistan and at last in December 1971 India invaded East Pakistan. The conspiracy resulted in separation of East Pakistan from us. All should receive military training and be prepared to fight the enemy.

Firstly, the books directly call India the enemy without any actual evidence of any stuff that they write. And about that last line – all should get military training – I think Pakistan is already giving everyone military training but cant call them a part of the military now, can you Pakistan… :/

The Kashmir Conflict (Ongoing since 1947)

CrashedInsanity - Kashmir

Indian textbooks state that armed intruders from Pakistan attacked Kashmir in 1947. The ruler of the state – Hari Singh then signed an agreement to join India after which the Indian army went to defend Kashmir.

Here is what the Pakistani books says – Mr. Singh started a violent campaign against Kashmiri Muslims and when they revolted with the help of Pakistan’s support, he was forced to ask for India’s help. The government then agreed on one condition to help them that they would sign an agreement to join India.

It is true that both Indian and Pakistani textbooks don’t cover major developments and events that have happened post 1947. There were some nice things that have happened as well and both the countries have chosen to ignore it due to the continuous animosity between the two countries.

Also, it should be noted that books of both countries are one sided to make them look better. However, what is recommended is to have an actual historic representation which India is doing rather than poisoning the minds of children. Like I have said above, if you feed children hatred, that’s what they will become and its not necessary that the poison fed will come out on India but can easily spread like a cancer in Pakistan itself. Also, if you have noted that Indian history books of Class 12 is where they have spoken about Pakistan and the wars with them and tried to portray a neurtral stance which is more historically accurate as well. And by the time you reach Class 12 you already know what is right and wrong. But Pakistan is teaching students of class 5 things that are inaccurate and trying to feed them with hatred and anger towards India which is being used by illegal organisations instilled in their minds even more because in Class 5, your mind is not developed so much to decide between good and bad. So please stop feeding your youth poison!

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