SLOP – Magic Trick

A simple yet effective magic trick loved by magicians and spectators. The magic trick is so visual that it makes your spectators into believers. It is a must have magic trick for your routine.

A card is chosen at random from a fully shuffled deck of cards. The card is then placed back inside the middle of the deck, shuffled and completely lost. The deck is then shuffled multiple times using various shuffles to ensure that the card is completely and there is no way to know where it is.

The magician then takes the cards and tries to ruin the order of the deck even more by taking a few cards and turning, taking a few more and turning them around and doing this to the entire deck. Once that is done, the cards are completely jumbled up with cards having their faces to other cards back, cards having their backs to the faces of other cards, and cards that have their backs to the backs of other cards.

The deck is then handed over to the spectator to hold between their hands so that the magician cannot reach them. With just a tap on their hand, the entire jumbled deck re-orders itself leaving only one card facing the opposite side – and that is the spectators card.


Watch the performance here:

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