CrashedInsanity | Marked Deck | Performance & Tutorial

Magic’s Secrets Revealed | Marked Deck | Performance & Tutorial

Marked Decks have been around for quiet some time now. Cheaters have become more and more advanced in terms of how these cards are used. Watch the video and learn about these cards along with the performance of a few tricks you can do with these marked cards. In this video, we have shown you […]

David Blaine's Auto Reversal Magic Trick

Auto Reversal Magic Trick

This trick is called the Auto Reversal Trick. At least thats what I call it since the real name of the magic trick is unknown. Auto Reversal Magic Trick has been performed multiple times by famous magicians like David Blaine and Chris Angel on multiple TV Shows. The effect works in a simple way. The cards […]

The Invisible Deck

The invisible deck magic trick is a classic effect where a card is selected using a mental deck which means that any random card is chosen by the spectator from an imaginary deck. The spectator is then asked to shuffle the selected card back into the imaginary deck and lose it in there. This trick […]


A card is selected at random from a blue deck of cards and shuffled back inside the deck. The card can be signed by the spectator after the selection has been made. After this, the card is completely lost inside the deck and normally its really hard for anyone to find the selected card. But this problem […]

The Ambitious Card

The Ambitious Card trick is one of the first tricks that any magician ever learns. It is a hot favorite of David Blaine and he loves performing this trick every time as it is such a brilliant effect. A card is selected by the spectator at random from a completely shuffled deck of cards. Once […]

David Blaine’s Zip Lock Magic

This trick is one of my personal favorites and does act as a routine ending trick as it convinces people of real magic. Before the trick even begins, the magician shows a card sealed inside a zip lock which is left in plain view of the spectators the entire time. This card is a wild card, […]