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CrashedInsanity - Ambitious Card

The Ambitious Card trick is one of the first tricks that any magician ever learns. It is a hot favorite of David Blaine and he loves performing this trick every time as it is such a brilliant effect.

A card is selected by the spectator at random from a completely shuffled deck of cards. Once the card is selected and signed, it is placed back in the middle of the deck and the cards are shuffled. The magician then shows that the chosen card is neither at the top of the deck nor at the bottom but with just a snap of a finger, the card from where ever it was in the deck jumps to the top.

The magican then places their chosen card again very slowly in the middle of the deck again and when he snaps, it jumps right back to the top. This trick can be repeated over and over again and every time the card just keep jumping back to the top. Check out the performance below and comment if you would like to know how this is done.


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