Top 10 Creepiest Places on Earth

Most of the time people consider creepy places to be haunted but that is not always the case – it really does not matter if you believe in ghosts or not as there are places on Earth where people would avoid spending a night at. Below we have counted down 10 Creepy places which have a reputation of being either creepy or mysterious qualifying them to be haunted and if you don’t believe in ghosts, just give these places a try.

10. Pripyat – Ukraine

CrashedInsanity - Pripyat

Located in Northern Ukraine, this is an abandoned city near the border with Belarus. It was established in 1970 along with the Chernobyl nuclear plant and had a population of around 50,000 people. This city became a ghost town in the year 1986 due to the Chernobyl nuclear plant meltdown due to the radiation and because of that, the city still cannot be occupied again. It is now open for short guided tours where you can see abandoned buildings and theme parks which makes it even more creepy. A perfect destination for a beautiful theme park visit and the best part is you wouldn’t have to stand in line for your turn.

9. Winchester House

CrashedInsanity - Winchester House

From the look of it, the house seems like just a big normal looking house but has a creepy story. The only occupant of the house was Sarah – the wife of William Winchester and the house was supposed to be haunted by the spirits of the people killed by the guns designed by William. The only way to keep the spirits away from her was to keep building the house and never stop and that is exactly what happened, the house became a 160 room mansion designed like a maze secret passages, dead ends, doors opening to blank walls and staircases leading to the ceiling. Adults and kids who love hide and seek will love this house because not only will the others not be able to find you, you might not find a way out either.

8. Hashima Island

CrashedInsanity - Hashima Island

This island is just located 15 kilometers from Nagasaki and looks exactly like a battleship from a far. The island was rich in coal reserves and was a coal mining facility. Soon, petrol was being given much more importance and coal mining took a step back due to which everyone left the island. Although, there are many other abandoned islands in Japan and it is just one of 505 abandoned islands near Nagasaki, but this one has a creepy feeling to it as the island still feels alive even without having any residents. Perfect place to go down and settle and call it your own private island since there hasn’t really been a reported case of a haunting in this location – Maybe you’re the first.

7. Jatinga – India

CrashedInsanity - Jatinga

Jatinga is a small town located in India which has a crazy story. Every year during a particular period, birds come here to commit mass suicide with thousands of birds just diving down to their deaths. Scientists and researchers have come up with various theories of why this happens at this spot every year at the same time but no one has been able to give a reasonable explanation of why this happens.

6. Bran Castle – Romania

CrashedInsanity - Bran Castle

Bran Castle is considered to be one of the scariest castles in the world as it is known for its cruel ruler called Vlad Dracula or Vlad the impaler. This is the castle where the legend of Dracula was born. Vlad Dracula was known for his brutal impalements of his enemies and cannibalism. Along with the horrific story of his crusade and the creepy atmosphere, the castle has a gold casket in which the queen’s heart is still buried without the body. A great place to know the legend of Dracula and maybe you too will get eternal life.

5. Stanley Hotel – USA

CrashedInsanity - Stanley Hotel

This is a perfect place for thrill seekers and holiday goers since the hotel looks like a beautiful place to look at from the outside. However, it is one of the most haunted hotels in the world, just to put things into perspective, this hotel was the inspiration behind Stephan King’s novel – The Shining. Although the entire hotel is haunted, the most haunted place in the hotel is Room 418. Staff and guests there have reported hearing children playing in the lobby and piano abruptly playing in the empty ballroom. As long as the twins and spirits of freaky kids don’t show up in the lobby, I am good to stay here.

4. Sedlec Ossuary – Check Republic

CrashedInsanity - Sedlec Ossuary

In the 13th century, soil from a holy land was sprinkled on a local cemetery and due to this, people form around Europe wanted to be buried here and the cemetery just kept growing in size until a priest decided to put the bones to use and did that in a really insane way. All the bones were used to decorate the chapel. This holy place is sure to be haunted by evil spirits because it is absolutely not okay to use human bones as lego building blocks. Alternatively, when if you are thinking of donating your organs after you pass, you can contact this cemetery and give your lego bones to them for future decoration.

3. Lomes Voodoo Market – Africa

CrashedInsanity - Lomes Voodoo Market

Without a doubt this place is not for your average shoppers but for someone practicing magic or someone sinister. The Lome’s market is located in center of Lome which is the capital of Togo in West Africa. The market is filled with animal heads, bodies and other artifacts that are used for Voodoo. To be honest Voodoo is a little misunderstood by the masses as it is not only for evil. Yes it is mostly believed that Voodoo is used for doing bad things, however, it can be used to cure people and get rid of bad spirits as well.

2. Suicide Forest – Japan

CrashedInsanity - Suicide Forest

Also known as the Aokigahara Forest which is located at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan and has been given the name of Suicide forest because thousand of people have gone to the forest and committed suicide. It is widely believed that if a person enters the forest, they commit suicide even if that was not their plan initially due to the high number of wandering angry spirits there. Due to the vast area, there is no way of restricting people from entering, however the government has put up signs saying “Life is precious, please reconsider”, “Think about your family”, etc. For ghost hunters and adventure seekers, this does sound like a perfect campign spot but after dark if you are in there, you are on your own.

1. Island of Dolls – Mexico

CrashedInsanity - Island of Dolls

This by far is the most creepiest place on planet earth as this island is filled with just dolls. This island was inhabited by just one person and the legend says that a girl had drowned on that island and soon after which a doll floated on to the island which was displayed by the resident and soon after that, dolls just started stangely floating up on the shores of the island. The single inhabitant kept on picking up the dolls and decorating them on trees. If you visit the Island you will constantly have a feeling of being watched by the dolls and that is not a great feeling. On a lighter note, this would be the perfect place to stay as who does not want to be surrounded by dolls all around – ask Hugh Hefner how great it is… right?


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